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Vertical Sun Showers 0.3 tanning compliant

Sunbed equipment & maintenance

Do you own your own sunbed and need replacement parts or maintenance for it? We can also provide new tubes in a range of wattages to fit beds from all manufacturers. If your sunbed isn't performing properly, we may be able to help with maintenance or repairs. Please call to discuss and we will be happy to help.

Great range of sunbeds for hire

Is it nearly time for your summer holiday? Do you want to prepare for it with a golden base tan? Or perhaps you're sick of the dull British weather and want a year-round glow?


Whatever you want a tan for, hiring a sunbed for your home is the perfect solution. We offer a range of state-of-the art sunbeds that you can use in your home and can be rented for two weeks and more.

Vertical Sun Showers

•  A stand-up unit so that you can get a tan covering all of your body

•  The vertical unit will easily fit into small rooms

•  Strong tubes for a great, even tan

Choose the right type of sunbed for your home

Canopy Sunbeds

•  A horizontal canopy so that you can tan laid on your bed

•  The unit slides to fit conveniently over your bed

•  Can be wheeled away after for storage

With a wide range of sunbeds available, it doesn't matter what the dimensions and shapes of your rooms are, we will have one to fit perfectly for you.

Choose between vertical sun showers and canopy sunbeds. Call

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0.3 tanning compliant

There is an EU regulation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds; which is no more than 0.3 watts per square metre.


While this isn't yet a statutory requirement for sunbed hire companies, we have implemented it to ensure maximum safety for our customers.